Our Company


Principal/CEO of Iwynn Production

Isra Wynn is the CEO and Founder of Iwynn Productions, LLC. She led this team of leaders and clients in providing endless solutions to meet the task. Within the last 13 years developing Iwynn Productions, Isra has done an outstanding job that consists of coordinating, overseeing and managing each project from the start to completion. Whether it’s Transportation, Logistics, Facility, Warehousing, Management or Construction projects she is hands on with every project.  Isra’s dedication has allowed her to scale and grow. She has been able to formulate a team with over 30 years of expertise in four professional divisions. Isra continues to build the foundation and create value within Iwynn Productions. Isra has a work ethic that’s unwavering and her willingness to achieve excellence placing integrity first as one of her company’s core value. This type of leadership shows that she has an impeccable drive and a will to win.


COO of Iwynn Production

Marty Wynn is experienced in Transportation, Logistics, Facilities, Project Management and Construction. He has over 20 years of new, old and historical construction management, vertical and horizontal. Marty has proven himself as a visionary and team leader that’s resourceful with strategic planning partnership development. He’s led a team of over 200 semi-trucks OTR Logistically, while managing a team of contractors in many commercial developments. Marty has an extensive background in budgeting projects large and small. His knowledge of pulling a complete team collectively together within four different divisions sets him apart. As Chief Operating Officer, Marty provides daily communication, quality control and oversight for two divisions of Iwynn Productions. He focuses daily on the compliance operations and  he ensures growth, expansion and profitability.